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Math Department

The Holt Online Textbook link is
Students may reference any one of the texts using the following UN and PW:
  • Algebra 1:   UN   springhill1   PW  raiders
  • Algebra 2:   UN   algebra201  PW  raiders
  • Geometry:   UN   hgeox           PW raiders  
Pauline (Boylan) Vanderhoef
SHHS Math Department

All students graduating from Tennessee high schools must earn four math credits; one per year of high school.   Students who have successfully completed Algebra 1 in 8th grade will take Honors or Regular Geometry, based on teacher recommendations.  All other students will begin high school by taking Algebra 1.  After Algebra 1, students take Geometry, then Algebra 2.  The fourth math class can come from Pre-calculus, Statistics (offered in a semester by CSCC) or Bridge Math.  SHHS also offers SAILS Bridge Course as a community college math prep course.  Students who double up with math courses or progress through the honors classes can take AP Calculus, usually in their senior year.