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365 Issues & Proceedures


365 Login (Click Here) Example
Username [email protected]
Password JS(last four digits of Student ID) = JS1234

If you are having issues with 365 logins: please see the SHHS Attendance Clerk (front office)they will log your issue with the district and get back in contact with you when it is fixed.

All your files will be saved on your 365 account, nothing is to be saved on the computers.
We will be using Microsoft 365 on this campus for saving your work. Please ensure you have 365 will need to have it. Once you do have access you can install Microsoft 365 on up to 5 devices (how cool is that)!
To help better streamline how accounts are created for students, we now ask that all students use the “Maury Student” wifi connection. This connection is just like the “MCPS” one, yet specifically for students. They will use their email address username before the @ symbol (Example: Michael.Twigg) and password which is your initials capitalized and the *numbers of your student ID (Example: MT8675309) to connect on any device.