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Arts & Clubs


If you are a Coach or Sponsor and your Club/Organization is not on the list, contact Mr. Twigg Here with: Name of Program, Coach contact email, Website (if you have one), Current Schedule (just send this to me and I can link it).

  Student Organizations / Club

ABC Club Logo


Coach:  Mrs. McDaniel

Email Mrs. McDaniel

Art Club Logo

Art Club

Coach: Andrew Mindyas 

Email Andrew Mindyas

Schedule: To Be Announced

Social Media (Twitter/Facebook/etc): To Be Announced 

No logo available


Coach: Need to verify info

Contact: Need to verify info

Website: Visit the Spring Hill Band Website here

Schedule: To Be Announced 

Social Media (Twitter/Facebook/etc): To Be Announced 

Drama Logo


Coach: Lauri-Kaye Burns

Email Lauri-Kay Burns

Visit the Drama Website

Schedule: TBA

Social Media (Twitter/Facebook/etc):
Twitter - Face Book - Instagram

FCA Logo


Coach: Mr. Brackney

Email Mr. Brackney



Coach: Mrs. Alcorn

Email Mrs. Alcorn

No logo available


Coach: Liz Brown & Gwynne Evans

Email Liz Brown or Email Gwynne Evans   

Remind:  @shhsffa1

Instagram: @RaidersFFA

Habitat for Humanity Logo

Habitat for Humanity

Coach: Mrs. Hoover

Email Mrs. Hoover

Hosa Logo


Coach: Jen Huffman, RN / Melissa Moore

Email Jen Huffman, RN or Email Melissa Moore

Visit the Spring Hill HOSA Website

Schedule: TBA

No logo available


Coach: Major Parsons & First Sergeant Degnan

Email Major Parsons 

Website: Here

Schedule: TBA

Social Media (Twitter/Facebook/etc): TBA

Key Club Logo

Key Club

Sponsor:  Mrs. Kaul


Email Mrs. Kaul 


Visit the Key CLub Website

Meetings: Tuesdays at 7:00 a.m.  (subject to change)


Social Media: @springhill_keyclub


National Honors Society

Sponsors:  Ms. Christy Gentry (A200) & Mrs. Nancy Hollingsworth (A207) Email Ms. Gentry or Email Mrs. Hollingsworth Website: NHS Webpage with ALL INFORMATION Documentation for selection committee is due March 18, 2022 to club sponsors.  $40 membership dues (checks to SHHS) must be included.  If student is not selected, dues will be returned to candidate.  See webpage link for any information/documentation. * View a Video Here View National Honor Society Pictures

No logo available

Pep Club & Paint Crew

Sponsor:  Mrs. Moore  

Email Mrs. Moore

Visit the Pep Club & Paint Crew Website

Skills USA Logo

Skills USA (STEM/Advanced Manufacturing)

Sponsor:  Mr. Long 

Email Mr. Long

Visit the Spring Hill Skills USA website

Meetings: Monthly in RAP time / other times as announced
Social Media: @STEMatTheHill (Twitter)
                         @springhillskills (Instagram)

Science Club Logo

Science Club

Sponsor:  Dr. Dotson  

Email Dr. Dotson

Website: Not available

Student Council Logo  

Student Council

Sponsor:  Mr. Runyeon  & Mr. Hanks

Email Mr. Runyeon or Email Mr. Hanks   

Social Media: @shhs_raiderstuco

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