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Scholarships/Financial Aid


FAFSA (October 1st-June 30)
FAFSA Application Assistance:  Families must register (see attached instructions) for a webinar via the following link (

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
-Required by majority of colleges to determine financial aid.
-Required to receive the Hope Scholarship and the TN Promise Scholarship.

How to Create an FSA ID:

How to Complete the FAFSA, Part 1 – Student Demographics:

How to Complete the FAFSA, Part 2 – School Selection & Dependency Status:

How to Complete the FAFSA, Part 3 – Parent Demographics:

How to Complete the FAFSA, Part 4 – Parent Financials:

How to Complete the FAFSA, Part 5 – Student Financials & Signature Status:


TN PROMISE (Aug 1- November 2)
Application Information- TN Promise Senior Assignment Handout.pdf
Apply for the Tennessee Promise Scholarship
-Provides two years of tuition-free attendance at a community college or technical school in Tennessee.  
-Seniors must apply during the application window the fall of their senior year, complete the FAFSA by Jan 31 of senior year, attend mandatory meetings, and complete 8 hours of community service the semester before the start of their freshman year of college.

Tennessee HOPE Scholarship awards about $4,000 each year of college to a Tennessee public university.
-Must graduate with 3.0+ GPA or a 21+ ACT.
-Must complete FAFSA to apply.

 -There are a myriad of other scholarships available.  Visit the TSAC portal for a comprehensive list.
-Must complete FAFSA to apply, then complete the individual scholarship application through TSAC.

Local Scholarship Search Local scholarship postings are uploaded here as they become available.
Raiders Scholarship Page 

Scholarship Search

Merit-Based College Scholarships  Begin your scholarship search with the colleges you want to attend by visiting their scholarships and financial aid web pages.  Many schools offer merit-based scholarships based on GPA/ACT combinations.

FASTWEB is generally listed as the top site for scholarship searches.

Scholarship Informer  scholarship info and advice for families